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Please have respect for all members while in game and on website. Abusive players will be removed. Have fun, encourage fun, and play MoW S30 Rebellion with OhanaHui.
Guild News


BeiChang, Apr 21, 12 10:18 PM.
We foresaw this one coming! With the ownership of a CZ comes the opportunity of t4-t5 troops. These are the rules:
T4 troops, a mail from Porky will be posted shortly after the arrival of T4 troops. The numbers of troops are split so that each member is allowed the same number of troops. An hour before guild shop refresh, the remaining troops will be given away, so if you want more troops, check back 1 hour before guild shop refresh.

T5 troops are based on CZ participation. As such the allotted numbers of T5 troops are based on member level within the guild
  • Servants: 2 T5 troops
  • Members: 4 T5 troops
  • Immortal/officer: 10 T5 troops

The additional T5 troops will be given away based on recent losses and participation in CZ's.

If you're looking for better troops (and who isn't?!) please participate in CZ's. Even bringing T1 troops is OK, at the least, you get to see how defense/attacks are done and will be prepared when higher level troops are created by your civilization.
Lastly, please take a look at the Gallery Picture listed as "Entrance Blocked". This is how CZ should be defended.

CeaseFire With Doom Guild

BeiChang, Apr 21, 12 10:08 PM.
All members. We currently have a ceasefire with Doom Guild of Egypt. This means they agree to no longer attack our CZ nor our cities and will not intercept. We will in return, not plunder their cities, attack their outposts, intercept their heroes/missionaries.
This applies to all members of both guilds and is in effect immediately. If you are attacked by a DOOM member; first, take a screenshot that shows how many troops you lost AND THE LOCATION OF FIGHT, second, message an officer of OhanaHui.
Lastly, this ceasefire does not apply to AFK players. HOWEVER, if you do attack an afk player... you MUST be sure to screenshot the yellow/red cap above the location to prove they were afk. Include a screenshot of the time, this is to protect our players from being wrongfully accused of plundering active doom players. However, it is safest bet to not plunder DOOM members if you are unable to screenshot.


BeiChang, Apr 21, 12 9:52 PM.
Great work to all who contributed to the cz fight in Yathrib. Those who participated are heroes among the OhanaHui!
With ownership of CZ comes changes. These changes will be posted. Please stay check back periodically for changes noted.
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